Fix Your Relationship Breakup

Just because you’re visiting the Relationship Fixed blog, I’m going to presume that you’ve suffered a relationship breakup, and also that you’re trying to find out if it’s possible to win back your lost love, maybe even rekindle your relationship like it used to be…

Well, this is a natural reaction after being dumped, and they call it suffering a breakup with good reason. But, it might surprise you that relationships breakup every single day of the year, so you are not alone.

You may wonder why I’m pointing this out to you, well it’s because trying to win your lost love back is so common that “the breakup” part of relationships has been studied in great depth.

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So, the upside to this bit of information is, the answer to that question is… yes, it is possible.

Relationship rescues happen far more often than you might think, but you need to approach things the right way to have any chance of getting back together with your ex after a breakup.

Before you start the process of fixing a broken relationship and trying to win back your lost love, you need to ask yourself the all-important question.

“Should I try to fix this relationship?”

You see, after a relationship breakup, you will understandably be feeling lonely and lost.

This can make you feel that you want to restore your relationship and get your ex lover back.

Fear of change and fear of the unknown can be powerful motivators to keep things the same, even if that means putting up with a bad situation.

This is not a good reason to try and get back with your ex, because these feelings can lead you to ignore the very real problems that lead to the relationship falling apart to begin with.

You need to think about this and analyze your true feelings before deciding which path to take. Sometimes a breakup can be a good thing.

But, if you look at your relationship and realize that your reasons for wanting to get back with your ex are genuine, then it’s time to take the right steps to win back your lost love and mend the parts of the relationship that are broken.

You need to take a planned and measured approach, though, and not just go charging right in.

You wouldn’t run on a broken leg, and you need to take the same kind of care in healing after a relationship breakup.

Here are some steps you can use to help with your breakup, there are many more things you can do apart from these, however, they should point you in the right direction and help you to see that winning back your lost love is possible.

Date Someone Else

I know this seems like weird advice when you’re trying to get your ex back, but this can be a very useful step.

The point to note here is, keep it as an innocent date, this is not an invitation to start a full-fledged romance or use someone by giving them the wrong expectations.

If you are looking for a new full-blown romance, then you’d want to rethink getting back with your ex.

But, you can use dating other people to serve two purposes. One is that, as I pointed out, it will show you whether or not you should be trying to get your ex back.

The other reason is that it will give you some space to reflection on your relationship and something to compare it to. This will give you the information you will need to do the next step.

Know Exactly What Caused Your breakup

The cliché is that people that don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.

This is rarely more true than in repairing a broken relationship.

If you don’t know exactly what went wrong, you won’t be able to fix it, so it is very important that you figure out where things went wrong so that you can fix the reasons for your relationship breakup, and if you decide to move on, you’ll what to look out for in any future relationships.

Restart Your Relationship Gently

Start slow and don’t rush things. Do not, under any circumstances, expect things to immediately revert to the good old days before you broke up.

You need to look at this as starting all over, and you need to let things progress at their own pace. Nothing will put your ex off faster than you trying to push them too far, too fast.

Or, pretending nothing happened.

While this article will certainly start you on the road and help you to win back your lost love, you may still need more advice and instruction.

If this is the case, don’t hesitate to look for the advice that will help you get back to the place where you were happy.

Read this post ==> How To Make Your Ex Give In To You. . . and Save Your Relationship. . .