Can Using Sex Work?

Can you fix your relationship, or entice your ex back, with better, different or more frequent sex?

Well… let’s see.

When you first see your relationship falling apart and a breakup just round the corner then it’s understandable if panic sets in.

Most people don’t understand what really needs to be done in this situation, it doesn’t get taught in schools and relationship techniques are very rarely ever discussed in our social lives.

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That leaves the vast majority of couples floundering, they end up having to guess what should be done next. Or they get advice from friends or relatives who are equally ill-equipped to help in any kind of meaningful way.

An obvious and simple solution is to spice up your sex life to try and keep your partner happy and interested. Being in a failing relationship is miserable at best, nothing is worse than being married and lonely at the same time. But, does using sex to fix your relationship work?

There is, or should be, a whole lot more to marriage or a relationship than sex. It is only one component. To concentrate your efforts on just one area of your relationship may work in the short term but it won’t have any lasting affect, if any at all.

A good adult relationship is made up of many components and until you can get it clicking on at least several levels, not just sexual, you will struggle and most likely neither of you will be happy.

Good communication is more important than good sex. If you can communicate effectively then all parts of your relationship will see significant improvements, including the sexual part.

Having said all that, most relationships have their ups and downs. You and your partner will not always be on the same page and sex can have it’s place in bringing you both closer together. But it’s not a long term solution for problems, unless, of course, it is sex that is the problem.

The questions to ask yourself are:

Did our relationship used to be a good one?

Did we fit well together in the past?

Are the problems we are struggling with new ones?

If the answer to each of these is, no! Then perhaps you should rethink whether this relationship was ever meant to be. Not all relationships are meant to last, you may simply not be a good fit as a couple.

So before you decide that hotter sex is the key to making your relationship what you really want it to be, consider some of these points:

How was your relationship in the beginning?

Did you share a lot of hobbies and interests?

What do both have in common?

What did you do, besides sex, when you spent time together?

What has changed?

Can you both discuss your relationship problems?

What does your partner really feel?

Are you both committed to avoiding a breakup and fixing your relationship?

Make sure that when you are discussing these issues with your partner, especially their feelings, that you do it in a safe place and avoid any confrontation.

Don’t let things degrade to a shouting match or blaming each other. Unless you can both be truthful and are prepared to try and really understand each other then you are not going to succeed in fixing your relationship.

If you and your partner have reached a rough patch in your relationship it can be tempting to think that if you can reignite a fire in bed you’ll be able to save your relationship, unfortunately that’s rarely the outcome.

Using sex to fix any part of your relationship, other than sexual problems, is a mistake.

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