Don’t Take The Word Of Your Ex That It’s Over

So you want to get your ex lover back, looking for ideas that’ll help? Tips and advice on how get your ex back are everywhere these days but how do you know what to do, what works, and what will send your ex running even further away?

To start with, trust what you already know. You, and you alone, know both yourself and your former lover, use that information wisely because it will make or break your chances of fixing your relationship and getting your ex back.

Why did you break up? Even if it was just a silly argument or you’re both really incompatible on some level it’s important. Arguments about silly things are often a sign of a more deep rooted problem so don’t just ignore it.

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If you were constantly fighting about the same small things, chances are there is some other issue affecting your relationship. You need to deal with these issues as ignoring them will not make them go away, will make reconciliation harder, and even if you do get back together with your ex lover, it won’t be long before your next breakup.

If your not sure exactly what went wrong, try asking your family and friends for their opinion on what makes you two a great couple. Also ask them for their insight into why you may have broken up – you may learn something new. It’s often harder to view things clearly from inside a relationship so that an outsiders point of view can often be helpful and less biased.

Try talking to your ex lover. Arrange to meet up on neutral ground, preferably in a park or restaurant where there will be other people close by. Why? So that you both have to remain cool and not let your meeting turn into yet another shouting match.

Do not let your meeting descend into a trading insults session. Sure you may have to listen to some truths, which hit home, but do so gracefully. Your ex is probably only letting off steam.

Tell your ex that you still love them and want to give your relationship another go. Ask them if they would be interested in trying again? Perhaps you could go to couple’s counselling together.

Apologize for your past behavior and explain why you want them back in your life. You may have to work hard to convince them, particularly, if hurting them is something you do; on a regular basis.

If this is the case, you need to ask yourself if you are sure that your ex is the right person for you. We don’t usually hurt the people we love, at least not on a consistent basis. It is difficult enough to keep romance alive in any relationship but if you are always hurting your partner,love dies very quickly.

When you meet your ex, remind them of all the great times you had together as a couple. Tell them that this time apart has given you plenty of time to decide what you want and it is definitely them. You are 100% sure that getting back together is the only result you are interested in.

Stroke their ego. Let them know how attractive you find them and how much you want them but don’t go overboard. You do not want to scare them or appear desperate, even though that might be the case.

Be prepared for it to take some time to get your ex lover back. Tips and advice on how to get your ex back are all good and fine. However you are dealing with a human being, who may need time to see that getting back together is a good plan.

Read this post ==> How To Make Your Ex Give In To You. . . and Save Your Relationship. . .