Rekindle The Passion And Desire

Feeling the love draining from your relationship and watching the distance between you continue to grow can be a soul destroying experience.

If you could only rekindle all the love you both had for each other then everything would be okay again. Wouldn’t it?

Maybe not.

Maybe it’s the wrong way to tackle your breakup rescue.

Maybe tackling the problems that came between you and caused this rift would be a better way of going about it.

And, just maybe, if all the problems in your relationship were solved then your love for each other would naturally grow again.

Restoring the love in a broken relationship is possible in many cases. It doesn’t even depend on how bad your situation is. It’s more important to be able to identify correctly the problems that caused the breakup. If you can do that, then you have a good chance at successfully fixing your relationship.

Obviously some issues are much more difficult to overcome and forgive than others. But if the problems you are trying to fix aren’t the real ones that are keeping you apart, then you’re wasting your time and probably making matters worse.

For example, if either one of you has had an affair, it’s normally the infidelity that gets focused on, that’s what the problem is seen to be. In truth, most affairs don’t happen without some underlying reason. It’s the underlying reason that has to be addressed.

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Furthermore, if the issues in your relationship were abuse or addiction, then these can be extremely tough to move past and you shouldn’t even consider getting back with someone until they’ve taken care of these issues.

That means that they have done something concrete to overcome their problem. At the very least they should already be attending counseling and be able to demonstrate that they’ve made real improvement.

Most other causes of relationship breakups stem from ineffective communication, where the two of you just don’t seem to be able to communicate in a constructive way.

There are many reasons for breakups, but when effective communication is part of a couple’s armory, these reasons are easily dealt with before they become a breakup.

In order for you both to retrain yourselves and the way you communicate you will probably want to enlist some help, either with a therapist or by using some self help books.

It will take complete commitment and honesty from both of you if you want to succeed.

Doing this in a half-hearted way may work initially, but will not work in the longer term.

Don’t look on this as hard work, working together to rescue your relationship has a good chance of bringing you both much closer.

Rebuilding the love in your relationship is about getting to know each other again.

There has been a lot of things coming between you which has masked yourselves from one another. Life has a tendency for getting the way once things start to go wrong, it prevents you from seeing each other in the same way that you used to.

Communication is always the key. It’s your best friend when you’re trying to reverse your breakup and get your relationship back on track. Your second best friend is forgiveness.

Be prepared to forgive. It’s difficult to love, or be loved, if you harbor resentment. So it’s crucial to forgive each other for their mistakes.

This also means being prepared to admit to your mistakes. Accept the blame for whatever part you played in the breakup and work together to find ways of ensuring these mistakes never happen again.

Please understand too that this process will take time. If the two of you want to be successful in restoring the love in your broken relationship, don’t expect changes to happen overnight. But as long as you both work together and take the proper steps…

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