Staying Quiet – Can It Work?

First of all, what exactly is – no contact? Does it mean that if your ex contacts you then you have to totally ignore them? Does it mean if you accidentally bump into each other that you shun them?

No. It simply means that you should avoid contacting them. It also means that any contact you do have should not be prolonged. But, it should be courteous and as genial as you can make it.

So let’s consider a few things.

It’s all too common to be dumped when it’s the last thing you expected, or for couples to breakup and then regret it.

So, what happens next after the breakup that you don’t want?

How do you get your ex back?

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I’m sure you’ve heard by now that one of the first pieces of advice is that you leave your ex alone and avoid any kind of contact with them.

So, why exactly should you leave your ex alone when what you really want is to get them back by your side?

Well, it turns out that there are several reasons to avoid contact with your ex,at least initially.

Firstly, the breakup happened for some reason and, unless you’ve already done something about fixing it, that reason is still there. Until it is fixed, you stand little chance of fixing your relationship or reversing your breakup.

How can you convince your ex to come back if nothing has changed since you split up?

Trying to get them back before you are ready will make things a whole lot worse and, at best, prolong the agony.

So, no contact. Leave your ex alone.

The next reason is an emotional one. Breakups are normally very emotional in nature. While some breakups happen by mutual consent, they are very much in the minority.

Emotions are running high just now and when feelings are still raw, there is little point in contacting your ex. It will not have the desired result and will be more likely to increase the distance between you both rather than bring you together again.

There is little point in even apologizing because your ex will not be in the right frame of mind to forgive you.

So, no contact. Leave your ex alone.

Whatever mistakes you’ve made will still be uppermost in their mind. The reason for your breakup will still be just as big and important as it was when your ex dumped you.

It takes time for the reason for your breakup to lose it’s intensity.

So, no contact. Leave your ex alone.

You want your ex to want you back. Which means that you want your ex to miss you.

How can they possibly miss you if you’re in constant contact with them? Furthermore, every time you contact them you are keeping your issues very much alive.

That means, contact is keeping you apart instead of bringing you together.

So, no contact. Leave your ex alone.

Get on with your life, be happy, lively and self-assured. Give your ex something to miss.

Just make sure that you don’t let all your emotions and feelings of uncertainty get in the way and make you do something you’ll later regret.

Remember the three c’s, calm cool and collected. Right now that would be the best way for you to be, even if it is just an act. Get your friends and family around you, have fun while you’re waiting to get your ex back. Put a plan together…

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