Don’t Let Your Breakup Stop You

Author: +Freddie Cook

There are few things in life as painful and upsetting as having an ex that you are still madly in love with. Handling the heartache seems almost impossible to do and having any kind of fun or being happy again would seem to be out of the question.

So if you’ve been dumped and you’re still in love with your ex then you probably don’t relish the idea of losing your ex for good, so let your main goal be to find some way to win back your ex, mend your broken heart and, most important, fix your broken relationship.

But, once you’ve decided to get your ex back you’ll probably find that you don’t have a clue where to start, so don’t just rush around sending expensive gifts or making a ton of phone calls, these are common mistakes that will only serve to push your ex further away instead of attracting them back.

Instead… play it cool.

You should start to win your ex back by always being in a calm and relaxed state, if you can get into a happy frame of mind then so much the better.

In any case, don’t do anything that is going to make you appear as desperate or needy because, once again, your ex will only find it a turn off.

You might find becoming relaxed and calm difficult, most people react badly to the turmoil caused by the breakup. Confusion and anxiety don’t help but the biggest problem is getting your ex out of your mind long enough to let your emotions calm down.

A lot people really struggle immediately after a breakup, their hightened emotional state leads them to do a lot of things that would be completely out of character in any other circumstances.

Especially if they’ve decided that they don’t want to lose their ex. They jump in feet first believing that there is no time to lose in getting their ex to come back, they think the longer they leave it the less chance they will have of succeeding.

In their haste they go about it the wrong way and increase their own emotional imbalance in the process.

The truth is the exact opposite, you will stand a far greater chance of getting your ex back if you take your time and go about it in a more controlled and well thought out way.

You need to take some time out from the heat and drama of the breakup and learn how to reconnect with your ex in a more sensible way.

Too often people don’t take this time out and they try to get their ex back in an emotionally confused way instead of using a rational and workable plan instead. In order to do this properly you have to get your emotions under control, so don’t miss this time away from your ex, it’s crucial.

As you take this time, concentrate on the things that are going to make you feel good about yourself and what you need to do to keep your spirits up, you will need to regain your confidence again after the breakup.

So make sure that you’re not spending too much time on your own and that you’re instead out with friends and having some fun.

I know that this is very likely the last thing you want to do, but you’d be amazed how much of a difference this one step can make to your chances of getting your lost love back.

Don’t lose your ex by jumping in too early, if you want to get your ex back and save your relationship then take your time and get properly prepared, every time you try and fail makes it more difficult for you to succeed until eventually it will become impossible.

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