Ask Yourself The Right Questions…

… It’s true, if you ask yourself the right questions you’ll find the answers much more easily.

For instance, instead of, does my ex want me back? Try asking, why wouldn’t my ex want me back?

Answer that one and you’ll know if they could want you back, do want you back or will never want you back.

The trouble is, it’s usually a hard one to figure out.

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So, in case you have a problem with it, here’s some more general things (and explanations) that will help you decide, one way… or the other…

Does your ex contact you?

Contact means interest. Even something as simple as a text message counts.

If your ex is contacting you regularly then they don’t have you out of their system yet and it could mean, for the time being at least, that your ex wants you back.

Even if they don’t want you back, it does mean that they have some kind of need for you to be involved in their life, even if that is a relatively small involvement.

The frequency of contact can tell a lot as well. For instance, if they are contacting you less frequently than they used to, then it’s likely that they are beginning to get used to being apart from you and are starting to cope with the breakup.

The opposite is also true, if they are contacting you more often then they are not coping well with the breakup and their interest in you is increasing. They are also showing signs of becoming desperate to get you back.

In either case, now would be a good time to sort things out once and for all. if you want them to move on then take this opportunity to make it very clear that you are no longer interested in any further contact.

On the other hand, if you do want to get back with your ex, then now would seem to be an excellent time to sort out your differences.

Is your ex showing more interest than usual?

This can be very similar to your ex contacting you. The more interest they are showing, the more they need you to be a part of their life.

But, it depends more on what kind of interest they are showing you. If your ex seems more interested in how you are coping with the breakup or what you are doing in your free time, then their interest goes a lot further than simple concern.

This is especially true if they are trying to find out any kind of personal information, such as who you are seeing at the moment.

If this sounds like your circumstances, don’t be in too much of a rush to resume things, there could be ulterior motives. Although this interest is encouraging, you need a bit more to go on before you commit yourself to a reconciliation.

Do you catch your ex looking at you?

This can be a very telling signal. We are all programmed to look at what we are attracted to, it’s out of our control.

It’s also true that they may be trying to unnerve you. Only you can tell if your ex is that kind of person or not.

So, assuming they are normal, then if you catch your ex looking, or glancing, at you repeatedly it’s a fair assumption that they are still harboring desires for you.

Especially if this happens when other things are going on around you, like while someone else in your company is doing the talking, then your ex is certainly still interested in you.

As with most signs, on their own it is not definite that your ex wants you back, but because this one is almost involuntary in nature, it is usually a good sign, even on it’s own.

Is your ex flirting with you?

This is one of those maybe signs. And once again, it depends what kind of person your ex is, you’ll need to judge yourself.

If your ex is flirting with you, then it is always a sign that your ex is interested in being with you. But, for what reason?

You can be sure that they’re interested in an intimate way.

However, it does not necessarily mean that they want to resume the relationship, or even get back together with you.

Sometimes an ex just enjoys playing games, so be careful of the flirting. It may seem obvious but it is often more complicated than that, and other signs of caring have to be present before you can read much into it.

Is your ex being a bit touchy feely?

Was your ex always like this? If not, it’s a good bet that they’re trying to get closer to you.

They are also trying to (subtly?) let you know that they are interested in you without coming right out and saying so They are giving you the opportunity to reject the touchy feely bit without rejecting them outright.

In other words, they are measuring your reaction, hopefully, without putting your relationship (whatever level it’s at) at risk.

How you react is entirely your choice. If you have no desire to get back with your ex, then make it clear that touching is inappropriate. But, if you do want, or are considering, a reconciliation, then touching might just be the start of fixing whatever went wrong between you both.

Is your ex being sensitive or thoughtful?

This is your ex trying to tell you that they still care about you. It’s also true if they are being overprotective towards you.

This could still just be innocent concern, you will have to judge the magnitude of their actions.

If it’s over small things and you gauge their reactions to be a bit more than you’d expect under normal circumstances then they are still interested in you and probably want to get back together, at least at some level. They are demonstrating that they still have strong feelings for you.

Does your ex keep bringing up the good old times?

This is often a really good sign that your ex wants you back. Especially if it happens on numerous occasions and not just the once.

If your ex is reminiscing with you about the great times you both had together, then they are most likely trying to rekindle the old feelings that you both had. They are trying to get you back to the place where everything was still good between the both of you. They are also gauging your reactions…

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