Remedy To Get Your Ex Back

Getting Your Ex Back Needs A Plan

Author: +Freddie Cook

Whether you’ve recently broken up, or you’re afraid you’re on the brink of a breakup you can take heart, saving your relationship is possible and the remedy to get your ex back is at hand. You can reignite the flame the two of you once shared.

It won’t necessarily be easy or fast, but if you are committed to making it work there is real hope.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the things you need to do to salvage and repair your relationship and get your ex back. Keep these tips in mind when you are analyzing your relationship:

1. Do you really want to stay in the relationship? I know this may sound like a dumb question but sometimes when we think we want to keep our relationship what we really mean is that we’re afraid of having to find someone new, or starting over.

If you’re brutally honest with yourself you can determine if you really want to continue the relationship or if you are simply anxious of being alone.

Another part of this question is to determine if your partner really wants to work on the relationship with you. If you can work on it together it will speed up your relationship recovery and make it a more lasting one. . . It’s a whole lot easier as well.

Even if you decide that your relationship is worth saving and your partner doesn’t share your conviction or isn’t willing to invest the time and effort to work on your problems then. . . here’s a video that shows you how to deal with that too ==> The video

2. Honestly evaluate what went wrong in your relationship. Again, this is best done by both of you. This can be the hardest part, it’s always easier to blame someone else for the problems but it’s tougher to own up to your part in the break down of your relationship.

Before you can repair it you need to know, not only what is broken, but why it’s broken. The two of you may even benefit from a visit to a couples counselor to help you objectively work through this phase.

Although that is not usually necessary, sometimes having an objective third party with you can help you both stay calm and face things you may not have been willing or able to face on your own.

3. Try to remember what drew you to each other in the first place. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while you obviously loved and enjoyed each other.

So often in a relationship what happens is the ‘stronger’ one (or the most selfish one) controls the relationship. They become the one who tends to take more than they give. The other partner will take on the role of the giver.

Over time the ‘taker’ will get bored because the fun loving person they fell in love with has become a doormat and the ‘giver’ will get sick of not getting their needs met often enough.

If your relationship has fallen into this trap you both need to take a step back and remember what attracted you to each other. This might be a good time to not only remember but to tell each other all the bits you admire about them. Remind them why you fell in love with them in the first place, and vice versa of course.

Saving a relationship will take time, work, and commitment by both parties, but it can be done. If you think your relationship is worth saving and your partner thinks so too, then by all means, follow this remedy to get your ex back and you CAN salvage your relationship.

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Only 3 Steps To Get Your Ex Back

Steps To Get Your Ex Back

Author: +Freddie Cook

TendernessAs you have gone through a breakup recently, you would probably like to know how to restore the love in your broken relationship. Before we go into that though there are some things you really have to avoid like the plague.

Never try to get back AT your ex, don’t attempt to score points, it’s childish and fatal if you are serious about fixing your relationship, these feelings of revenge are more about the hurt you are are feeling and should be suppressed.

It is common for you to experience some form of depression just after a breakup, this causes confusion and an inability to focus on the problem clearly, emotions run much too high for you to be objective while this persists, the tendency is to do all the wrong things, like chasing after your ex, pestering them to come back, maybe begging for forgiveness or to be given another chance, perhaps even forgiving them for something.

Don’t, it won’t help you in the slightest, you will make the situation between you and your ex much worse.

Don’t do any of the things that your intuition and your mixed up feelings are telling you to do. Don’t go calling your ex or following them, or going to places where you know they will be.

Don’t remain at home all the time moping about and feeling sorry for yourself either, cry if you find it helps, just don’t overdo it and never do it in front of your ex.

Remember there are only 3 steps to get your ex back, just give them a try.

Accept the Break Up! If you want to get your ex back

The first thing you have to do is come to terms with your breakup, accept that your relationship has broken up. After all, this is the situation at the moment, denying this is not going to help, so try and recognize that and find some way to accept it.

When your thinking has settled down, go even further and tell your ex that you are alright with the breakup and allow both of you to move on.

This will have the effect of defusing the situation and open the door for friendly communication between the two of you. You both need time to examine your relationship separately, time to let all the tensions subside before any progress can be made.

Leave your ex alone! And get your ex back

As I said above, do not try and make contact with your ex, let some time pass and put some space between the both of you.

This probably won’t sit well with your intuition, but it is good breakup advice and a vital part of your strategy to mend your relationship, apart from getting things clear in your own head during this time, you are sending a message that you have moved on and are coping well with the breakup.

This allows your ex time to cool down and bad memories tend to fade with good memories becoming dominant, so time is your best friend at the moment, especially if you can remain friendly. Let your ex come to you, let them open the lines of communication.

Absence really can make the heart grow fonder, allow your ex to come to this realization themselves, let them remember how important you really were to them.

Form a plan to get your ex back

Plan for your next meeting, not when it will happen, but what you will talk about when it does happen. Aggression, blame, anger, revenge all have the same basis, they are all negative, you have to avoid any, and I do mean – any – negativity.

You will have to be positive in everything you say and do, you will have to remain upbeat, even humorous, try to be good fun to be with. Remember there was a good reason at one time for the two of you to get together in the first place, so try and be that person again. Be the person they fell in love with first time around, it’s just as likely to work the second time as well.

Relationships can be fickle things at times and so also can breakups, time and the right tactics will enable you to get your ex back and you will probably find if you do the above convincingly, that it won’t take that long.

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Get Your Ex Back By Fixing Your Broken Relationship

Fix Your Breakup First?

Author: +Freddie Cook

Getting your ex back really does mean fixing your broken relationship. Somewhere along the line you’ve allowed something to come between you both.

Until you sort out this problem and clear the space that’s grown between you, getting back together again would be unlikely to last any meaningful length of time.

Fixing a broken relationship isn’t impossible, but it will test your commitment. How much it tests you, and if you can get your ex back, will depend on many things.

Initially, an important question when fixing your breakup, is why the relationship is broken.

Was the reason one of betrayal? In that case, was it you or your partner that cheated?

Broken Relationship Caused By An Affair

Even an affair can be mended, but it will take effort to fix it and the two of you need to be willing to work very hard to make it work.

When it’s an affair it would seem like the partner who had the affair would have to put in all the effort, however, that’s not exactly right.

It’s much more likely that it will take just as much work for the partner who was betrayed to try to overcome their fear of being hurt again, their mistrust of their partner, as well as their anger and being made to feel inadequate.

They need to learn how to overcome an affair and somehow get past it.

Apart from affairs, there are many other reasons for a breakup, most of them will happen over a longer period of time but are usually simpler to fix.

Naturally, it will still take time and work and both of you will have to remain strong and work at it. A lot of couples like this simply grow apart from a lack of caring.

It’s not usually a big thing that ends it but rather a series of small, seemingly unimportant, things that will weaken the relationship to the point where it will break down very easily.

Honesty here is the key to getting your ex back, being honest with each other, and with yourself, about the part each of you played in the breakup.

Once you’ve both admitted the part you’ve each played in the break down of the relationship, at least to each other, it’s time to sit down with your partner and, again honestly, discuss what went wrong, what you think needs to be done to make it right, as well as what you personally are willing to do to fix the relationship.

Expect some arguments during this process, it won’t be easy.


Because this is the part where you will have to listen to your partner tell you why they aren’t happy with you. This won’t be easy for you to hear. And the same goes for your partner when it’s your turn to talk.

One of you is bound to find this harder than the other mainly because one of you will have had a bigger hand in the breakup and it won’t be easy to hear.

Once that happens it will often end up in a screaming match and nothing will get accomplished.

Here you have a make or break point, you’ll both have to show great maturity. If neither one of you are able to calmly listen to the other while they try to explain what has made them unhappy in the relationship, you won’t have any chance at all of working things out.

Although getting your ex back and fixing a broken relationship isn’t impossible, it will take work.

If you or your partner aren’t able to be mature and able to face your faults and be willing to work on changing them then you will have a much harder time of fixing your relationship.

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Don’t Lose Your Ex

Don’t Let Your Breakup Stop You

Author: +Freddie Cook

There are few things in life as painful and upsetting as having an ex that you are still madly in love with. Handling the heartache seems almost impossible to do and having any kind of fun or being happy again would seem to be out of the question.

So if you’ve been dumped and you’re still in love with your ex then you probably don’t relish the idea of losing your ex for good, so let your main goal be to find some way to win back your ex, mend your broken heart and, most important, fix your broken relationship.

But, once you’ve decided to get your ex back you’ll probably find that you don’t have a clue where to start, so don’t just rush around sending expensive gifts or making a ton of phone calls, these are common mistakes that will only serve to push your ex further away instead of attracting them back.

Instead… play it cool.

You should start to win your ex back by always being in a calm and relaxed state, if you can get into a happy frame of mind then so much the better.

In any case, don’t do anything that is going to make you appear as desperate or needy because, once again, your ex will only find it a turn off.

You might find becoming relaxed and calm difficult, most people react badly to the turmoil caused by the breakup. Confusion and anxiety don’t help but the biggest problem is getting your ex out of your mind long enough to let your emotions calm down.

A lot people really struggle immediately after a breakup, their hightened emotional state leads them to do a lot of things that would be completely out of character in any other circumstances.

Especially if they’ve decided that they don’t want to lose their ex. They jump in feet first believing that there is no time to lose in getting their ex to come back, they think the longer they leave it the less chance they will have of succeeding.

In their haste they go about it the wrong way and increase their own emotional imbalance in the process.

The truth is the exact opposite, you will stand a far greater chance of getting your ex back if you take your time and go about it in a more controlled and well thought out way.

You need to take some time out from the heat and drama of the breakup and learn how to reconnect with your ex in a more sensible way.

Too often people don’t take this time out and they try to get their ex back in an emotionally confused way instead of using a rational and workable plan instead. In order to do this properly you have to get your emotions under control, so don’t miss this time away from your ex, it’s crucial.

As you take this time, concentrate on the things that are going to make you feel good about yourself and what you need to do to keep your spirits up, you will need to regain your confidence again after the breakup.

So make sure that you’re not spending too much time on your own and that you’re instead out with friends and having some fun.

I know that this is very likely the last thing you want to do, but you’d be amazed how much of a difference this one step can make to your chances of getting your lost love back.

Don’t lose your ex by jumping in too early, if you want to get your ex back and save your relationship then take your time and get properly prepared, every time you try and fail makes it more difficult for you to succeed until eventually it will become impossible.

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