Relationships Need To Be Balanced

Which Parts Of A Relationship Need To Be Balanced?

Author: +Freddie Cook

Relationships Need To Be Balanced
Relationships Need To Be Balanced
Balance is a necessity in any good, stable relationship, but it’s not always easy to achieve. Mainly because it means different things to different people and it can mean a lot of hard work and dedication.

In an ideal world it would happen automatically, and, to be honest, a lot of the time it does, but it’s human nature for each of us to want our own way.

Why Exactly Do Relationships Need To Be Balanced?

This is where imbalance in a relationship can occur, when one partner gets their own way more than the other.

And just to make things even more difficult, there are areas of a relationship where balance is not obvious and we don’t even think about it or notice that an imbalance is present.

We all have our differences and these will clash in some form or another. How you deal with these differences can be the deciding factor in just how trouble free your relationship will be in the long term. If you want to make sure your relationship will last for a long time, then consider these tips.


This is one of those areas I alluded to above, it’s not obvious that trust in a relationship should be balanced.

Yes, we all know trust is a two way street but we don’t all seem to know exactly what trust means. It’s therefore difficult to spot any imbalance.

Trust is not just about avoiding affairs or situations where an affair may be the outcome, there are other areas of a relationship where trust takes other forms. For example:

  • Keeping agreements that have been made with each other.
  • This includes making promises to each other that each of you keep, even if the promise itself doesn’t seem very important.

  • Being able to trust that your partner will back you up when needed
  • Loyalty is a very important part of any relationship, it needs to be demonstrated.

  • keeping appointments
  • Sounds silly I know, appointments?. . . it’s not a business. But being able to rely on each other, like being on time, or being in a certain place. . . is as much a part of trust as anything else is.

  • Telling lies (for any reason)
  • Even “well intenioned” or “little white lies” can erode trust. They may not seem much at the time, but they all have their effect on the overall trust in any relationship.

  • Hiding things. . . feelings, situations, events. . . anything, from each other
  • This really shows a level of distrust and should be avoided.

  • trusting each other’s reactions in certain situations
  • Almost like reading someone’s mind? Actually it’s more about consistency. If you can’t rely on each other’s reactions then it, again, highlights a level of distrust.

and many more, the point is that both of you need to be able to rely on and trust each other in all areas of your relationship to the same extent, that’s where the balance comes in.


The problem with communication in a relationship is that very often one partner manages to communicate their needs, wants and desires but fails to hear their partner’s. Or hears. . . but fails to act on it.

This is a very common imbalance that is very obvious to the partner that is not being heard, but the other partner is blind to it. Eventually, if it’s not addressed, it can be very destructive to the relationship.

Discussing grievances isn’t just a case of both of you talking about them, you both have to hear each other’s as well, and compromise is essential. Compromise is another part of communication and must also be balanced.


Saying “you’re forgiven” can be an easy thing to say, but truly meaning it and being able to forgive, AND then forget, is another thing altogether… it’s sooo hard to get this balanced.

You both have to be able to forget after forgiveness has been given. Which means never bringing it up again. If only one of you can manage this, then the imbalance will eventually take it’s toll on the relationship.

It’s also very common for one partner to be saying sorry more than the other. For example, after an argument, is it always the same one to apologize first?


One of the many problems that plagues couples is their inability to own up to their own mistakes. It’s very easy to criticize others and, at the same time, be unable to accept criticism.

Everyone makes mistakes, no one is exempt, and being able to admit that to others is crucial.

It’s not a weakness admitting you are wrong… it’s simply the right thing to do. The balance here is being able to accept and own up to your own fallibility as easily as you point out your partner’s failings to them.

Couple Time

Time together is very important. Life can take over if you don’t keep an eye on it. There are so many areas of life that demand attention where a balance has to be reached for a relationship to flourish.

Spending time together, sharing your joint lives is such an important part of a strong relationship, but it’s very often neglected, that’s the one area that loses out to the pressures that are put on almost every couple, and it’s not just work and money. . .

There are many pressures, including family and friends that can come between a couple, and these external pressures have to be dealt with to maintain the balance and keep the relationship healthy.


Being in a balanced relationship does not require any sort of magic, making it work is not rocket science and there are no secret tricks you need to learn. Mostly it’s common sense and understanding the complexities of a relationship.

It’s more about hard work and an earnest desire to make things work than it is about tricks. Sometimes you are just with the wrong person, other times you just need to put forth thought and effort to make sure everything works out in the end.

Balance is something you both should always be aware of in your relationship. Try and strive for an equilibrium in every area of your lives. You won’t always be successful, but the more you try, the more successful you’ll be.

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The Always Arguing Relationship Breakup

The Relationship Breakup Caused By Arguments

Author: +Freddie Cook

Marist Homecoming 2011-60
photo credit: johntrainor
Always arguing is a common reason for relationship breakups, but the breakup needn’t be terminal. Although differences of opinion are normal and healthy in adult relationships, some couples take this to extremes.

We all know a couple that constantly argue and bicker with each other, they have probably split up a few times and get back together again each time. Somehow, these relationships very often last in the long run.

Their arguments are usually over trivial things that don’t really matter much. Arguing, in their case, has simply become a habit, a method of communicating with each other, you could almost describe it as recreational arguing.

This type of arguing is fairly non-destructive to the relationship, it’s the couples who have more meaningful and more aggressive arguments, probably better described as fights, that we’ll be discussing here because these are more destructive and the breakup is often permanent.

We might wish for an ideal relationship and for our partner to be perfect in every way, fulfilling all our needs and desires. We might wish for it but it would be unreasonable to expect that such a person actually exists.

Anyway, if your partner was truly like that wouldn’t you just get bored with them? The truth is that we all need a challenge, not just with our partner, but in every area of our lives that we need to be interesting. . . Perfection isn’t interesting.

That is where the real difference lies in a relationship that is slowly being destroyed because of arguments and fights. These conflicts are not generating any interest, they are not even finding any kind of resolution. They never end.

The problem is often caused by stress, for example a lack of money, work worries, family issues, and they are not being dealt with effectively. The stress leads to arguments.

Arguing or Fighting?

The arguments themselves are not the problem, it’s how they are conducted. At the end of the day, it’s a lack of true communication. When a couple talk ‘at’ each other instead of ‘to’ each other, it is always a source of conflict.

Being too intent in getting your own point of view across without any regard for what the other is saying is not communication. This is an argument with no end in sight.

One argument like this is a cause for concern in any relationship, but when almost every discussion ends up in one of these arguments, then the relationship breakup is inevitable.

What can be done to save an always arguing relationship from breaking up?

This is an ideal relationship to benefit from couple counselling. Relationship counselors are professionally trained experts and they really excel at getting couples talking effectively again.

They will sit down with you both and mediate in a way that will bring about constructive conversation and will get to the real root of your relationship problems without it becoming heated. You will be treated in a strictly confidential and non-judgmental fashion.

Thousands of couples each day benefit from seeking help with a relationship counselor. There is an endless list of relationship problems that couple counselors can help you with, they are not restricted to simply helping with argument issues.

Even if you have already gone through the breakup, they can help you get your ex back and fix your relationship. So, whatever your problem is, from the always arguing relationship breakup to advice for getting back together after an affair, seeking the help of a relationship counselor can be the answer.

But, counselors are not for everyone. A lot of couples are too uncomfortable baring their soul in front of strangers. They prefer to work through problems on their own. This is where buying a DIY solution is preferred. . . There are many of them out there, some better than others and it can be difficult making an informed choice. . . so, for what it’s worth, this is the one I prefer, mainly because it works and has a high success rate.

I hope this has helped you on your way to a successful conclusion.

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Rescuing A Broken Relationship

Get Your Ex Back After A Breakup

Two hearts entwined
Rescuing your broken relationship probably won’t be as hard as you might think. You will need to use the right techniques properly to be successful.

How much of a learning curve is involved depends on many things. This article will help you get your ex back the right way.

Something you’ll need to ask before you start rescuing your relationship, is why your relationship is broken.

Did Either Of You Cheat?

Is your relationship broken because of infidelity? In that case, was it you or your partner who cheated?

Cheating in any relationship can be fixed, however, it’s not the simplest fault to repair. The two of you need to be willing to work very hard to restore all your love and trust. o concentrate on your relationship.

With affairs it would seem like whoever cheated would have all the effort of fixing things, however, in the real world, that is simply not the case.

So much so that it will take just as much work for whichever of you that was hurt to try to overcome your fear of being hurt again.

You’ll also find that mistrust, anger and feelings of being inadequate need to be dealt with as well.

Has Your Relationship Faded Over Time?

Relationships breaking down over a longer period of time can be less difficult to mend.

But it will still take time and work and both of you will need a great deal of commitment and put in a lot of effort.

A great number of people split up from a lack of keeping their relationship important.

It’s not usually a big thing that ends it but rather a series of small, seemingly unimportant, things. They weaken your relationship to the point where it breaks down very easily.

You’re both have to be mature and truthful about the part each of you played in your relationship breakup.

Once you’ve both admitted your own part in the break down of your relationship, it’s time to sit down with each other and honestly discuss what went wrong.

What you think needs to be done to make it right. And what each of you personally is willing to do to fix your relationship.

Listen To Each Other

This is such an important bit and it’s dangerous for your relationship too.

Why? Because this is the part where you will have to listen to your partner tell you why they aren’t happy with you.

This won’t be easy for you to hear. And the same goes for your partner when it’s your turn to talk.

This will have to be handled with care, pointing out each other’s faults and what makes you unhappy about your partner won’t be easy.

Once that happens it will often end up in a screaming match and nothing will get accomplished.

Be careful, an awful lot hangs on this.

If neither of you are able to calmly listen to the other while they try to explain what has made them unhappy in your relationship, you won’t have any chance at all of working things out or getting your ex back successfully.

Rescuing a broken relationship isn’t impossible, but it will take work.

If you or your partner aren’t able to be mature and able to face your faults, and be willing to work on changing them, then you will have a much harder time of being successful.

Is It Too Big A Hill To Climb?

Sometimes it all seems way too big a problem to handle, you doubt your own abilities to get your ex back and rekindle your relationship properly.

If that’s the case, then you likely just need a bit of help, a roadmap to follow, what to say and do, how to get your ex talking to you again. In other words, a working plan of action.

A plan that that is known to be successful. . .

One that uses the right psychology. . .

The road to success that takes the shortest time possible. . .

the plan you need ==>

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How To Fix Your Relationship And Rescue Your Breakup

Get Your Ex Back In Style

Author: +Freddie Cook

fix your relationship

photo credit: Moments in Time
Nothing hurts worse than an unwanted breakup. When it happens, it’s common these days to search the internet for help. After all, there has to be some way of getting things back on track, some way to fix your relationship or even get your ex back in your life again… just the way it used to be.

Fix Your Relationship And Feel The Magic Again

It’s not something we are born with, it’s not a school subject and it’s rarely – if ever – discussed in the home. Fixing relationship problems is one of those things that almost everyone is expected to ‘just wing it’.

Let’s face it, even if breakups were discussed within friends or family circles, they only have their own experiences or, even worse, anecdotes to go by.

That leaves us with the choice of relying on our own instincts or seeking professional help.

But using the services of relationship counselors seems to be a last resort for most couples, if they are used at all.

This shouldn’t be too surprising when you consider that all relationships go through their ups and downs and, usually, we manage to overcome these problems without any outside help.

We are used to fending for ourselves and somehow manage to overcome these relationship issues remarkably well.

At least, that’s how it appears on the surface…

… and that’s also one of the main reasons that couples breakup.

Problems not being dealt with properly or simply ignored, can build up until one, or the other, has had enough.

Of course, sometimes couples breakup because of one big issue that has happened and neither of them know how to handle it. Adultery is a common example, how DO you overcome an affair?

Well… big problems are usually the result of little problems blown out of all proportion.

1. Compromise Is Crucial

Sometimes one partner, without necessarily realizing it, dominates the relationship. If either of the couples is always having to give way to the other’s decisions, then resentment grows. Eventually these feelings WILL surface.

It has to be a two-way street. Compromise is about negotiation… not domination. Don’t be the one to always gives or the one that always takes as there will come a point where your relationship will suffer the consequences.

2. Be A Good Listener

Listening to EACH other’s sentiments shows sincerity and respect. If you feel you always do the talking and you have not given your partner time to talk, or you don’t really listen to what they are saying, then… stop.

Try to hear what your partner is trying to say to you. If you BOTH can manage this everything will just fall into place.

3. Communication Is The Key

One of the most essential components of any relationship is effective communication. Being able to discuss each other’s needs,  desires, hopes and plans is paramount to allow love to nurture and grow in your relationship.

In this way, a couple share those intimate and deep held beliefs with each other.

4. Keep Focused On Your Appearance And Behavior

This is a sad truth, but once a relationship is established, it becomes all too easy to relax and stop putting the same emphasis into some of these personal issues.

Just because you have captured the one you love is not an excuse to make little or no effort in retaining their attention and admiration. Look your best and be your best, if not all of the time, at least make the effort when it matters.

5. Cherish Each Other

It’s also very easy to take each other for granted. It seems that the longer a couple is together, the more likely they are to simply assume that each other ‘just knows.’ That doesn’t mean you don’t cherish each other, but if you both let the other simply assume that you still care you run the risk of growing apart.

That’s not as simplistic as it sounds, it really can be the beginning of the end.

Long lasting couples are those who continue to cherish their relationship in spite of the problems they are facing.

So, how to fix your relationship then?

How are you able to manage the good parts AND the bad parts of your relationship?

Use Psychology

Fixing a relationship means three things: LOVE, CONNECTION and RESPECT.

It’s all about emotions. . .

Of course, putting the magic back into your relationship is so much easier if you are still together. So, why not do both at the same time and plan to rekindle your relationship and fix your breakup… forever.

Get all you need to turn the psychology in your favor, click the link below:-

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Don’t Lose Your Ex

Don’t Let Your Breakup Stop You

Author: +Freddie Cook

There are few things in life as painful and upsetting as having an ex that you are still madly in love with. Handling the heartache seems almost impossible to do and having any kind of fun or being happy again would seem to be out of the question.

So if you’ve been dumped and you’re still in love with your ex then you probably don’t relish the idea of losing your ex for good, so let your main goal be to find some way to win back your ex, mend your broken heart and, most important, fix your broken relationship.

But, once you’ve decided to get your ex back you’ll probably find that you don’t have a clue where to start, so don’t just rush around sending expensive gifts or making a ton of phone calls, these are common mistakes that will only serve to push your ex further away instead of attracting them back.

Instead… play it cool.

You should start to win your ex back by always being in a calm and relaxed state, if you can get into a happy frame of mind then so much the better.

In any case, don’t do anything that is going to make you appear as desperate or needy because, once again, your ex will only find it a turn off.

You might find becoming relaxed and calm difficult, most people react badly to the turmoil caused by the breakup. Confusion and anxiety don’t help but the biggest problem is getting your ex out of your mind long enough to let your emotions calm down.

A lot people really struggle immediately after a breakup, their hightened emotional state leads them to do a lot of things that would be completely out of character in any other circumstances.

Especially if they’ve decided that they don’t want to lose their ex. They jump in feet first believing that there is no time to lose in getting their ex to come back, they think the longer they leave it the less chance they will have of succeeding.

In their haste they go about it the wrong way and increase their own emotional imbalance in the process.

The truth is the exact opposite, you will stand a far greater chance of getting your ex back if you take your time and go about it in a more controlled and well thought out way.

You need to take some time out from the heat and drama of the breakup and learn how to reconnect with your ex in a more sensible way.

Too often people don’t take this time out and they try to get their ex back in an emotionally confused way instead of using a rational and workable plan instead. In order to do this properly you have to get your emotions under control, so don’t miss this time away from your ex, it’s crucial.

As you take this time, concentrate on the things that are going to make you feel good about yourself and what you need to do to keep your spirits up, you will need to regain your confidence again after the breakup.

So make sure that you’re not spending too much time on your own and that you’re instead out with friends and having some fun.

I know that this is very likely the last thing you want to do, but you’d be amazed how much of a difference this one step can make to your chances of getting your lost love back.

Don’t lose your ex by jumping in too early, if you want to get your ex back and save your relationship then take your time and get properly prepared, every time you try and fail makes it more difficult for you to succeed until eventually it will become impossible.

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How to Make Your Ex Give In to You And Mend Your Relationship

Fixing Your Relationship

For this one, I’m going to let Clay Andrews himself tell you how to get your ex interested in you again. . . and how to fix your relationship so it will last. . .

What does it take for your ex to finally give in and give you another chance?

Well, that’s what we’re going to be talking about today.

What’s REALLY Holding You Back from Getting Your Ex Back?

You see, your ex has a certain set of beliefs about you and the relationship you had with them.

If your ex left that relationship, then there’s a good chance that those beliefs aren’t particularly good.

I don’t know the details about what happened, but whatever it was it left your ex with the impression that they are better off not being together with you.

What It Takes to Get Your Ex to Change Their Mind

If you want to change that you’ve got to give your ex a good reason to think that things are going to be different in the long run.

After all, your ex isn’t going to walk back into the exact same relationship that they walked out of in the first place.

Your Ex Needs a NEW Relationship

This means that you have to give your ex a new relationship.

The two of you can still be together in a relationship…

…It just has to be a new relationship.

New dynamics.

New abilities to relate to one another.

New connection.

New honesty.

New vulnerability.

Does that sound good to you?

Well, it probably sounds pretty good to your ex too.

Here’s the Thing Though…

Your ex isn’t going to believe this when the first see it.

It’s going to take at least a little bit of time for it to sink in for them that things are really different and you’re not just putting on a good act.

They need to Know your relationship has changed for the better.

So What Does It Take to Make Your Ex Give In?

Simply put, it takes positive change and consistency.

Those two ingredients will get your ex to believe that getting back together with you is a good idea.

Let’s Make a Deal…

If you’re willing to bring the consistency, I’ll help you with the change part.

You see, I’ve developed a series of Advanced Relational Skills that will help you show your ex that things are going to be different.

They help you connect more, bond more, and grow closer together.

But they aren’t going to get you back together with your ex unless they are consistently applied over time so that your ex really “gets” that this change is the real deal (and not just some stunt to “win” them back).

Inside the Ex Solution Program course, I’ll teach you these Advanced Relational Skills.

…But You’ve Got to Do Your Part Too

You’ve got to practice them consistently.

And when you do, that’s when the magic starts to happen.

If that sounds good to you, you can learn more about the Ex Solution Program or sign up right over here.


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Remedy To Get Your Ex Back

Getting Your Ex Back Needs A Plan

Author: +Freddie Cook

Whether you’ve recently broken up, or you’re afraid you’re on the brink of a breakup you can take heart, saving your relationship is possible and the remedy to get your ex back is at hand. You can reignite the flame the two of you once shared.

It won’t necessarily be easy or fast, but if you are committed to making it work there is real hope.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the things you need to do to salvage and repair your relationship and get your ex back. Keep these tips in mind when you are analyzing your relationship:

1. Do you really want to stay in the relationship? I know this may sound like a dumb question but sometimes when we think we want to keep our relationship what we really mean is that we’re afraid of having to find someone new, or starting over.

If you’re brutally honest with yourself you can determine if you really want to continue the relationship or if you are simply anxious of being alone.

Another part of this question is to determine if your partner really wants to work on the relationship with you. If you can work on it together it will speed up your relationship recovery and make it a more lasting one. . . It’s a whole lot easier as well.

Even if you decide that your relationship is worth saving and your partner doesn’t share your conviction or isn’t willing to invest the time and effort to work on your problems then. . . here’s a video that shows you how to deal with that too ==> The video

2. Honestly evaluate what went wrong in your relationship. Again, this is best done by both of you. This can be the hardest part, it’s always easier to blame someone else for the problems but it’s tougher to own up to your part in the break down of your relationship.

Before you can repair it you need to know, not only what is broken, but why it’s broken. The two of you may even benefit from a visit to a couples counselor to help you objectively work through this phase.

Although that is not usually necessary, sometimes having an objective third party with you can help you both stay calm and face things you may not have been willing or able to face on your own.

3. Try to remember what drew you to each other in the first place. If you’ve been in a relationship for a while you obviously loved and enjoyed each other.

So often in a relationship what happens is the ‘stronger’ one (or the most selfish one) controls the relationship. They become the one who tends to take more than they give. The other partner will take on the role of the giver.

Over time the ‘taker’ will get bored because the fun loving person they fell in love with has become a doormat and the ‘giver’ will get sick of not getting their needs met often enough.

If your relationship has fallen into this trap you both need to take a step back and remember what attracted you to each other. This might be a good time to not only remember but to tell each other all the bits you admire about them. Remind them why you fell in love with them in the first place, and vice versa of course.

Saving a relationship will take time, work, and commitment by both parties, but it can be done. If you think your relationship is worth saving and your partner thinks so too, then by all means, follow this remedy to get your ex back and you CAN salvage your relationship.

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The Jealousy Relationship Breakup

Is Jealousy Always Bad For The Relationship

Author: +Freddie Cook

Tenderness and Jealousy Relationship Breakup
photo credit: pedrosimoes7
Sometimes, after a breakup, the one broken up with doesn’t agree the relationship should end and they try to make their ex jealous in an effort to get things back together again, but that’s not what we are discussing here.

This post is about the jealousy relationship breakup, which is often the end result caused by jealousy and insecurity in general. I’d like to point out first that jealousy isn’t always a bad thing and can help to keep a relationship healthy and strong. As the relationship breakup caused by jealousy is common, we seldom even consider that it can actually help in some circumstances.

If you think of relationships where jealousy only happens occasionally and isn’t all that strong, then it can help to prevent the couple from taking each other for granted.

It’s all too easy to become so comfortable with your partner or spouse that you don’t always consider their feelings, a little bit of jealousy can help couples to appreciate each other and make a conscious effort to make sure the other person feels valued.

Jealousy can also remind a couple of how much they love each other because when jealousy happens, both partners will become aware that their relationship is being threatened.

Now, this is okay if it doesn’t happen often and the feeling of jealousy doesn’t build to the point of taking over. The truth is, as I said above, that jealousy in a relationship is really the feeling that the relationship itself is being threatened, that you are going to lose something of value and you are going to be left alone, it becomes a kind of fear.

The more threatened you feel, the stronger the feeling of jealousy becomes. As jealousy increases, your confidence decreases. this vicious circle is what eventually causes the relationship breakup.

Jealousy can be an appropriate response to a partner’s behavior, we are not perfect, and as such, we do make silly mistakes from time to time, for example it can be very flattering when a member of the opposite sex pays us too much attention.

Again, if this happens only occasionally then it’s likely that no real harm is done, but if it happens on a frequent or regular basis then a very jealous response from our partner could be appropriate.

This would also signal that something deeper in the relationship was causing a problem, if the relationship is strong and healthy, there is little need to be flattered by someone else.

Jealousy Relationship Breakup – Not Justified

Having said all that, the biggest threat that jealousy causes to a relationship is when it is inappropriate. When there is no justification for any jealousy at all, but one of the partners is feeling jealous then it can easily become a self fulfilling prophesy… a jealousy relationship breakup.

Being accused, falsely, of something on a continual basis has the effect of pushing a couple apart.

Because there is nothing to answer for, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to defend against an accusation that is false, and on a continual basis, just wears the accused down.

In the end, they may as well be doing whatever they are being accused of, at least then they can put up some kind of defense.

Unfounded jealousy stems from a lack of confidence. If you are the one being jealous when your partner has done nothing to merit your jealousy, then it’s your lack of confidence that will have to be dealt with.

Relationship counselors are trained to help you both when this happens. They will give you an understanding of your problem and help you find the real reasons behind your lack of self-confidence. Dealing with the real issues is always the best way to heal a relationship.

The same is true if you’re at the receiving end of a jealous partner. Convince them to seek counselling, go with them to the counselling session as you will both benefit from understanding this condition.

You never know, you may be, unintentionally, doing something that’s causing your partner to feel jealous. A relationship counselor will help you discover these things, it could be something very simple to fix.

If the feelings of jealousy aren’t strong enough to cause the relationship to breakup, you would still be better off dealing with these feelings and getting rid of the jealousy.

Take a good look at those things that trigger your jealousy and ask yourself how realistic the threat is. What evidence do you have that your relationship is in danger? And is your behavior actually making your situation worse and being the cause of the danger?

Just remember, jealousy heightens emotions, this can make love feel stronger and sex more passionate, but only if it happens infrequently and is relatively mild. Otherwise, there is a very big chance of the jealousy relationship breakup becoming a reality.

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